Tea Tree Oil- The Ultimate Herbal Remedy For Many Diseases

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"With a significant advancement in clinical science, lots of allopathic medicines have been introduced. But, still, many people go for herbal products to treat various conditions. Most of herbal drugs are made of a combination of diverse ingredients. However, one of the special plan extracts, often sold in stores, is tea tree oil. It is considered as a strong plant-based product, helping to cure many diseases.

Skin disorders- Treatment with oil

Tea tree oil, a potent antibiotic agent, is quite different from other oils, and perhaps, this is the only oil, which gives you instant treatment to different physical disorders. This oil may be considered as the most practical option to treat bacteria, virus and fungi. Whether you have rough, coarse skin texture, blister, dandruffs or any other condition, you need to use this oil.

As an essential oil, TTO is good for stimulating your immune system. You may also inhale the vapors, which are emitted from the oil. This vapor offers you a soothing sensation and also cures various conditions, like asthma, colds, bronchitis and some other syndromes.

Aromatic oil for solving respiratory issues

In order to treat respiratory issues, use tea tree oil while having a steam bath. You may also directly breathe in your vapors from a bottle. A refreshing aroma is much pleasurable with wonderful relaxing effects. You may also blend or combine your TTO with some carrier oil. Start massaging with this solution on your chest portion to have comfort within a short period.

To cure the issues that appear on skin surface, you have to use the tea tree extract with a strength or intensity of about seventy to hundred percent. Do it at least twice every day. In case of acne, you have to dilute this oil by mixing the oil, extracted from grape seed. To treat fungus in toenail, you may not require any dilution. The best feature of the oil is that the stinging feeling, caused by it, is not much intense, unlike other available antiseptics.

Mouthwash to avoid infection

Sometimes, infection occurs in gums or inside our mouth, and to treat them, you require applying the oil (one drop) to the stinging part. But, you have to pour water to your solution and start gargling just as mouthwash. If needed, you may also massage your gum using the oil; however, the part needs to be cleaned after massaging. Spit the paste out after some minutes. There are oral health product manufacturing brands, which use this oil to make their toothpaste. This oil is a safe ingredient, only if you do not consume.

Tea tree oil has its use not only as the herbal treatment option but also as a repellant of bugs. This oil has several compounds, which act as a disinfectant. It may also kill such bacteria that often resist prescribed antibiotics.

Thus, use oil from tea tree to cure different diseases and to solve various problems. However, in most of the applications, dilution is much essential.


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